Why Aketroniks?

Why Aketroniks?

Material Quality
We do not make concessions to branded, original and guaranteed materials for each product we use.

Barcoding and  Product Tracking System
We value your corporate values. While applying serial number and barcode system for product follow-up, we challenge years with our quality equipment. 

Testing Process
Every product produced in Aketroniks has to pass through challenging test stages. 

User Manual
We prepare the user manual for the cards in a detailed and understandable manner.

We value every product regardless of the nature of the product. We pack your cards one by one to ease the difficulties during the transportation and storage. 

PCB Coating
We protect your electronic cards so that you can work smoothly in bad environment conditions such as humidity and dust 

Delivery Term
Your procurement term is under our guarantee with the resource management programs we are using!